Is Masters right for me?

Q. I enjoy swimming but do not want to compete in a swim meet – is Masters right for me?
A. Yes!  Approximately 50% of Sawtooth Masters members swim for recreation and fitness with an emphasis on the social aspect of the sport and building community.

Q. I am not comfortable swimming as part of a big group – is Masters right for me?
A. Yes!  We offer numerous workout times with multiple lanes; you can swim with fellow
swimmers of the same level.

Q. I can swim but am not very fast – is Masters right for me?
A. Yes!  We can help you improve stroke efficiency and your confidence.   You will be surprised at how quickly your strokes improve and have fun measuring your success. “Masters Swimming” is not professional swimming, it is open to swimmers of all skill levels and ages. We don’t care how fast you are; we will help you improve and we welcome every level of swimmer.

Q. I am a very competitive triathlete in my age group – is Masters right for me?
A. Yes!  SAWS can offer workouts that are designed to build the speed and endurance that athletes need to excel during the swim portion of the triathlon. 

Q. I am confused by the term “Masters Swimming” – is Masters right for me?
A. Yes!  You can think of Masters swimming as an organized swim team for adults, this gives you access to coached workouts at a set time each week.

Q. I wonder how I will keep up and fit in with others – is Masters right for me?
A. Yes! Most of the sets we do are on rest intervals. Everyone fits in, all experience levels work together, and we welcome everyone.