Want to try Masters Swimming first?
Sawtooth Masters offers one week free for those who want to try before joining. Simply sign up for the U.S. Master Swimming trial membership by clicking here

Monthly SAWS Membership Fees

Sawtooth Masters charges a monthly membership fee to all members. Fees begin when you register to join the club and submit your credit card information. Conversely, fees also stop the date you decide to stop membership. Proration of is not an option at this time as we do not have the administrative support to manage this. Fees also vary depending on days and certain status tiers. The purpose of these fees is to cover SAWS costs of using a pool facility and coaching. They may be subject to change in the future, but the SAWS Board is intent on keeping them as reduced and as reasonable for everyone.

Monthly SAWS fees are paid by automatic monthly payment from your credit card account.

SAWS Monthly Membership Fees
  • Regular price: $75/month
  • Seniors Age 65+, Students, Military price: $65/month

USMS Membership is Required
U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) membership is required in order to swim with Sawtooth Masters. If you need to join or renew your USMS membership, click this USMS button:

New SAWS Members
Once registered with USMS, new SAWS members may register with SAWS by 
clicking here!

Returning/Renewing SAWS Members
To renew membership with SAWS after a period of inactivity, please ask the club admin for your custom re-registration link by emailing info@sawtoothmasters.org.