Places we swim

Prior to COVID-19, Sawtooth Masters (“SAWS”) members had been primarily swimming at the YMCA (Downtown Boise and the West Y) facilities for 40+ years. During COVID-19, the YMCA terminated the SAWS swim program at the time of the lockdown. As a result, we splintered into smaller groups meeting at different facilities. However, we are excited to announce our partnership with the NEW Idaho Central Aquatic Center (“ICAC”) and will begin regular coached practices as of Monday, July 17th, 2023. See planned schedule for lane availability:

ICAC Lane Schedule (as of July 17, 2023)
* M/W/F:  6am - 7:30am (NOTE: Summer is Long Course)
* T/Th: Noon - 1pm 
* Sat: 7am-8:30am

We still meet casually at other locations (e.g., the Y facilities, Nampa Rec Center, etc.), but with self-coached workouts. There are SAWS members who regularly frequent these other facilities. So, please contacts SAWS for days/time slots or simply introduce yourself......we're a friendly crowd and will invite you to join without problem! NOTE: There are different prices, drop-in schedules, guest pass policies and hours availability at these facilities. So, please check their websites for details. There is no additional fee to swim with us as we are self-coached.

SAWS welcomes you to show up and join us!